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Roger gave her a look of friendly understanding as he backed away and headed down Main Street in feigned search of a stuffed monkey establishment. Ero dating comuserid 347
He was disappointed, upon his return a quarter hour later, that his new friend was nowhere to be found.

Now here she was in the flesh, more devastatingly beautiful than he recalled.
He had no idea that she would be among the wedding guests.
She was talking animatedly to a serious looking gentleman at the bar, sipping a glass of white wine.

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Roger made several nonchalant sorties past them, looking for an opening.
When the gentleman took his leave to deliver a glass of champagne to his wife, Roger swooped in.
He leaned on the bar and dipped his face near hers.

I got the stuffed monkey, he stated with a knowing, conspiratorial smile.
The woman smiled tightly, raised her eyebrows, and looked around the room without moving her head.
Oh good God, he thought, she doesnt remember me.

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This is disastrous.
She has to be wondering what kind of lunatic walks up to a strange woman and starts talking about a stuffed monkey.
What if she carries pepper spray?

This morning? he smiled winningly.

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