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The cabins were heated with wood-burning stoves.
The stoves adhered to an ageless law and ran out of fuel at the coldest time of morning.
There Chunky butt sluts were five of us that could be considered hands and six people who boarded horses with us that were along for the adventure.

And there was Kristen.
We were segregated by sex into our cabins.
In the evening we built a large fire and we all chipped in, cooking hamburgers and hot dogs.

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The women, bless their hearts, had thought to bring things like buns and mustard along with other condiments and Akron dating swinger single extras like potato salad and desserts.
Lord knows if was left up to us guys we would have eaten but it would not have been pretty, merely functional.

After dinner was over and the clean-up done, we all sat around the fire in the crisp air.
In mid-June in Colorados High Country it can still get below freezing at night and reach into the 70s at midday.
Fact is, if this hadnt been such a dry year we wouldnt have been going this early as there would still be deep snow pack in places.

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