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Frank put his arm around Sues shoulders, pulled her closer to him and started kissing her.
The movement forced Sue to switch hands.
On the other side of the table, Cindy continued to pump steadily on Todd.

Hed People who want threesomes just begun to take quick, shallow breathes, when Frank made a strangled moan and went ridged.
The table threatened to tip over and people grabbed for sliding glasses.
Finally, Frank settled back down.
Tony grinned at Sue, Maybe that was just good acting.

Wheres the proof.
After a dramatic pause, Sue brought a cum covered hand out from under the table and held in up for inspection.
Well, said Jim, now that youve got it, what are you going to do with the stuff?

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Sue studied her hand then with lady´Ěôlike gentility began licking it clean.
The sight of Sue licking Franks semen off her hand pushed Classic porn cumshot video Todd over the brink.
Cindy felt him tremble and his cock swell.

The muscles in his arms bulged tense and hard until, with a low growl, he began to come.
Cindy directed most of the stream away from him, but couldnt keep all of it off his lap and her hand.
Some that splattered on the bottom of the table began dripping back down.

It seemed to take forever for him to run dry.
Well, Todd, said Sue, whod just finished licking her hand clean, it looks like the rounds on you.
Cindy, who unlike her friend was using small paper napkins to wipe her hand, replied, Yes, but it proves what they say about nice guys finishing last.

After exchanging glances with the other guys, Tony suggested they all go riding in his van.

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