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I finally worked up the will to turn around, barely managing to breath again.
She looked at us, Clit stim with liquid and barked a command, Okay, now I want you all at attention.
Put your legs apart, and lock your hands behind your head.

I remember just barely being able to do it, and how it made me feel even more vulnerable.
I was actually starting to shake with fear or embarrassment; I was too confused to know which.
Then, she went to the front of the line, with Miss Roberts in tow, and started walking slowly down it.

She stood close to use, no more than a foot or so, hand on her hip, lips pursed, contemplative, sometimes backing up for a better view, sometimes bending down a bit Cam live sexy
She looked each boy in the face, then slowly down the length of his body, pausing to stare, sometimes almost belligerently, other times thoughtfully, at each boys manhood, occasionally allowing a faint smile to cross her face.

Some of them were fully hard, but most of us were just too shocked for an erection.
She looked at each boy, sometimes mumbling Friends lovers dating website to herself, or whispering to Miss Roberts, who was taking notes on a legal pad.
When she got to me, she looked directly into my eyes.

She had gorgeous blue eyes, and slight freckles that I hadnt noticed before.
Her eyes moved slowly down my body.
From the face, to chest, to abdomen, pausing at my half hard member to smile quite prettily, then down my legs.

She noticed me trembling, and touched my arm, telling to calm down, itll all be okay.

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