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Then I was given a small white pill, I was told it was viagara, but I had no idea why this was necessary.
A woman began cutting my hair, this only took ten minutes Beast clip fuckers.
She then placed a rubber cap on my head, and pulled hairs through.

I Chubby african girl handjob dick on beach knew this was for highlights.
Next, a woman began plucking my eyebrows.
After that, a facial mask was laid over my face, to allow for cleansing.
My muscles by this point had enlarged drastically.

My cock was firm and erect.
My body was covered in hair removal cream.
I was then left for half an hour for all the treatments to work.
After this time period, I was undone Petite_lady free sexy chat with no registration
I was led into the shower, where the highlighting fluid, facial mask and hair removal cream (plus body hair) came off.

I was then dried off using a towel, and led back into the bedroom.
Awaiting me was a spray tan.
I was coated in a dark liquid, giving me a deep tan.

Again, back into the shower.
When I came out of the shower, I was told to lay back on the table.
I was strapped down for a second time.
Now, the painful part.
I was to be given several tattoos and piercings.
Yet not at different times.

Each ear lobe was pierced twice with a gun.
Yet instead of leaving in the small piercing earring, a large diamond earring was placed twice in each ear.
I could feel them pulling my ears down.
Next came my eyebrow, with a small barbel.
Then, each nipple, again with a small, silver barbell.

I though the piercings were over, yet then she moved towards my cock.

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