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Her pussy was very wet and as I began to feast on her juices, and I noticed a little different taste.
I sucked her cunt enough to know what she tastes like, and although I tasted something different, I became more eager to suck her and put the new taste out of my mind.

I reached up with my left arm and pulled Asian nylon foot video her left leg down towards me, and it was then lying across my back.
That opened her up for greater access to her pussy, and I continued to suck her.

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Laura was really beginning to moan then, and that just spurred me on in trying to give her an orgasm with my mouth.
As I continued sucking her, I felt a hard, wet object start to slide over my forehead and Free online dating sites face, headed for Lauras pussy, and I realized that Ted was trying to fuck her.

I asked, What the hell is going on here? What is Ted doing with his bare cock covered in your juices? Before I could say any more, Laura reached down and held my head in place on her pussy and said, Its okay, baby.

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