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I cry out around Patricks cock as a flood of spasms overtakes my entire body.
I ride the dildos hard, both of my Swinger mature mcsherrys holes rhythmically clenching down on them.
I keep fucking myself with the huge rubber dicks, sucking Patricks amazing throbbing cock, until the convulsions finally subside.

He suddenly yanks his dick out of my mouth and strokes it quickly a few times.
I see the purple head twitch just as rope after rope of hot cum shoots all over me.
He milks every last drop out, moaning, once again painting my body.

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The sticky, sweet liquid covers my face and tits and drizzles slowly down my belly.
Fuck Live sexthailand, Alex! he moans.
You are such a hot little slut! I grin up at him, rubbing his cum into my skin as I slowly stand up, the dildos coming out of my drenched, swollen holes with a pop.

I return to the bed, splaying myself on top of the sheets, exhausted.
Do you think your friends will like my audition video? I ask Patrick, grinning slyly.

Theyre crazy if they dont, Alex, He replies pulling me into his arms on the bed.
Maybe well have to have a party next weekend… December 27 was bitterly cold.
Monica picked up Nick at his home.

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Girl with glasses being penatration fucked.