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Of course, I hadnt expected traffic problems on a Saturday night, but here we are, in the middle lane on the highway, tail lights blazing all around us.
Oh, what the fuck, you mutter.

I try to switch lanes to get some movement going but its no use.

I crane my neck to catch a glimpse of the problem, but thats no use either.
Cars are piling Lao girl fucked photos up behind us Daha19 webcam kerala sex video, and nothing is moving.
Fuckkk, I croak, annoyed, and you agree Nicolleee adult sex veido
I put the car in park.

Maybe we should have packed a picnic, I joke.
I know.
You laugh.
Im sooo hungry!

We talk for a while, inching along the highway at a snails pace, and I worry a little that it might get awkward if we run out of things to say.
But when the conversation lulls, and I put the car in park yet again, you move towards me and rest your head on my shoulder like you used to do, and it feels right.
So I run my hand up your knee, just like I wanted, resting it on your thigh, and you curl into me and wrap your arms around mine, snuggling into my shoulder comfortably.

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Girls masterbating in school photo.