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Before Beth can say anything he pulls it off.
What are you doing? You didnt say anything about getting undressed.
You just want me to give you a hand job.

Well I also shoot far.

If I keep my shirt on then it will get ruined.
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Beth doesnt want to ruin his shirt.
She thinks about a big load of cum and shooting far.
She looks forward to seeing that.

He has a well-developed chest and firm abs.
His chest is covered with dark hair, unlike Brad who is smooth.
She compliments him on his physique and asks if he is ready Masturbation insert bottle video
Why dont you take down your dress? What for?

I dont need to do that to jack you off.
Looking at your tits will stimulate me more and Ill cum faster.
Beth sees the logic in that.

Turning to face him she reaches around her back to undo her dress.
Rex offers to help.
He undoes her clasp and pulls the zipper down.

Taking both hands he pulls her dress to her waist exposing her breasts.
He likes the way her firm breasts stand high on her chest with small pink fully erect nipples.
He takes them in his hands, I like the feel or your tits.
Im glad Nude girls get fucked by big cock your husband said it was alright for me to touch you.

Beth moans, Ohh
god that feels so good.

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Good looking guy looking for a hookup.