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As Amanda brought the shiny red lipstick to her mouth and without a mirror applied layer after layer, the colour deepening with each stroke until her full lips gleamed.
And as she applied it she undid the remaining buttons of her dress, letting it fall open, only just covering her nipples that now stood to attention.

Amanda slid one hand under her right breast and lifted it and, with her eyes locked with Katies, she bent her head as she lifted her nipple towards those berry red lips and kissed her nipple, smearing the creamy redness all around her areole Lovetonik telugu sex chatting sites
Katie could hear her heart beat rise.

O god! she thought.
Please let her, please.
And she did.

Without breaking eye contact Amanda leant Teen girl on cam forward, her breast still held in her hand and positioned the red coated nipple inches from Katies eager mouth.
Ask Mommy nicely, baby girl.
Amanda all but whispered.

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Katie was almost ready to swoon, straining to get her lips around the beautiful breast, to taste the lipstick and feel the hard nub against her searching tongue.

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grad looking for some good sex.