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Remis gaze darted to Alluna before he smiled sheepishly at Zak.
Zaks eyes narrowed, and Alluna wished she knew what they were talking about.

One thing was clear.

She wanted to participate in the initiation ritual.
Taking a deep breath, she pouted and allowed her eyes to well up, turning her face away from Zak Free uncensored hook up sites
Baby? He tried to turn her face up to his, but she sniffed and kept it turned away from him.
Alluna, he sighed.

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You dont want me to be part of the family.
I understand, Master.
Zak stiffened.
Alluna, look at me.
His stern tone had her peering up at him from beneath her lashes. Tity fuck in gloryhole

His hand came up to her cheek.

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