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I pinned it to her back.
No, please, really, but she couldnt Nude cam sex say it without giggling.
I have a deal, I said.

Ill give you three more spanks and if your little pussy isnt wet, Ill stop.
NO! she said no more.

I asked.
Just three more and if you arent wet, Ill stop.
I cant agree to that, she said, wiggling in a fake attempt to free herself.

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No, I wont tell, she said.
This brought four more quick spanks.
Her ass was a bright, pretty red now.
Okay, okay.
Ill tell, she laughed.
Well? I asked.

I cant agree to any more spanks under your conditions because I am already wet.
She tried to snake her way from my grasp but she knew that was a lost cause.
Hold still, I said.
I just want to see if you are telling the truth.

She stopped struggling and I started to push my hand between her legs.
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She parted her legs to allow me access.
I ran a finger under her panties and pulled them free from her swelling lips.

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Hookup sites for farmers in canada pron pictures 2018.