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We then took the boat out to a coral reef and went snorkeling.
Anne got even more excited seeing all the beautiful pink and white coral Peter le gay porn and the millions of colorful fish.
This was a side of Bali that Anne had never seen before and the excitement made her giddy.

On the boat ride back, the wind was in our faces, making us a little cold and Anne held my arm and snuggled next to my body for warmth, as I pulled a towel over her to shield her from the wind Sweetbabe93 free absolutely sex
Around lunchtime, we returned to the resort and went to lie by the pool.

We both had salads for lunch and then went swimming, to cool off from the blazing equatorial sun.
We were sun tanning beside the pool, when Annes dad and Julie showed up.
I really wanted to spend the evening with Anne, but her dad insisted that she have dinner with him. Rock of love bus farrah nude

Anne pouted and had a fight with her dad, but David would not give in this time.
My evening with Anne was not to be, so I would be alone with my cock and a towel again.

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