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I raise my head toward him, hungrily licking my juices from his mouth and beard.
His thumb leaves my hard button as he positions himself between my spread legs.
I feel the smooth head of his cock press firmly against my opening.

He teases me for a moment, pressing there firmly but not entering me.
I whimper in anticipation.
Tell me what you want, Alex, he demands.
I want your cock, Patrick.
Fuck me! Please!

Please fuckā€¦ My breath is forced out in Sex dating in darrouzett a whoosh as he plows his massive thick cock into my puffy engorged pussy in one heaving stroke And jack ingram dating
He is buried inside me in one quick motion, his balls pressed against my ass.
Is that what you wanted, my little slut?

You like my cock shoved deep inside you, dont you? God, yes, I pant as he shoves himself even deeper.
I feel my slippery walls contract down on him, hard.
He starts moving slowly in and out of me, his pubic bone rubbing delightfully on my exposed clit.

His strokes are long and deliberate.
The rhythmic pressure on my hard nub mixes with the sensation of being filled by him and I feel the fire ignite in my belly.
It spreads quickly, he has teased me Eliza ibarra so much this morning.

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Hung by hooks in breast.