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Hes a good kid, but he hasnt had the exposure to life you have.
See, she said, with a choke of emotion in her voice, thats why I can talk to you.
You listen and dont judge me every time I say a word.

The emotion and desperation in her voice disarmed me.

All she wanted was a sounding board and a confidante.
Okay sweetie, we can be friends and you can talk to me about anything you want Private vidio chat sex indonesia
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I know I have more stuff, more money than most girls my age but I am so alone, no one understands me.
While I knew that this feeling was pretty normal for a person her age, I thought better than to say it.
I have my heart aches and losses in life too, I said.

Maybe you can tell me about you sometime.
I dont really know a whole lot about you.
Maybe we can have a coffee sometime and talk?

How about tomorrow evening? she asked.
We could meet at that little coffee place on Highlands Ranch Boulevard.
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