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We had brought two shovels, in addition to our sleeping bags, cooking equipment and food, so we started looking for a good location to dig a snow cave.
We found a big snow drift of well-compacted snow next to a Tr camsadult huge boulder that was facing away from the wind.
We started digging there.

Ted and I worked feverishly to dig our snow cave and make snow bricks to seal the opening, and we ended up with a very comfortable shelter that was about nine feet deep, six feet wide, and high enough for Laura to stand up in, although Ted and I had to stoop over a little Free adult chatting without registeration
That would be big enough to allow us to lay down a tarp and Real moms at home nude pad, and then put our sleeping combined bags on top, and still have enough room to set up our small burner for cooking.

Ted and I had both brought double-wide sleeping bags, so we zipped them together to form one big bag for the three of us.
With the temperatures falling to minus forty degrees, we were planning on combining our body heat by stripping down to just our underwear in the big sleeping bag.

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