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Interesting questions for speed dating.

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And FUCK!!! thought the Sissy bitch xxx VP-lawyer-slave, shes sooo fucking hot! Tony had confirmed he wouldnt pass on the chance to have her ass.
The voyeurs around the room silently applauded Rosalies first request.
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Danis cunt started to moisten again when she heard Rosalie, ever get back at a pig like my fiancé? I mean, theres no tooth for a tooth or eye for an eye here, right? It was the combination of her words, her expression, and her attitude that sent chills through the suites occupants.

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She sounded as mature and in control as anyone in the room had all day.
So thats gonna be the first favor I ask you, Mr.

I want you to use this magnificent piece of manhood, she stroked his hard, thick shaft with her fingertips right in front of Juwans face, and show my fiancé exactly how he hurt that very sexy lady.
Tonys slight grin was all the answer she needed and she turned towards her whimpering, caged, cuckold fiancé.

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Interesting questions for speed dating.