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I can pick it up.
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The bell tinkled as she opened the door.

She heard it tinkle again, as she pulled the door closed behind herself.

She still had the phallus tucked into her armpit, and walked home quickly, hoping that no one would see what she was hiding.
After all, she thought, it would be hard to explain walking around in public, carrying a phallus.

She giggled to herself, thinking maybe I should have thought difficult, instead of hard Horny wives fallen leaf california
When she got into the house, she set it down on the dining room table, and was surprised to hear it click, like ivory striking wood, when she set it down.

She picked it up again, and it felt as soft as before.
She set it down again, and it clicked again, just like ivory, just as before.
She picked up the sugar spoon then, and tapped it lightly against the tip, right on top of the little slit.

It was hard, just like ivory, and the silver spoon rang slightly.
Curiouser and curiouser, said Alice, she thought to herself, and Good headline for dating websites giggled again.
She touched it again with her finger, and it was soft, and felt like skin.

She suddenly realized it was warm, too, just like a living penis.

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