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I leaned forward and whispered in Ls ear You are a very desirable woman.
So desirable that two men want you at the same time.
You are going to cum so hard, have an orgasm like youve never had before.

Then you can cum again.
As many times as you like.
Before I could finish that last sentence, L took a sharp intake of breath, gripped my arm, digging her nails into it.

She screwed up her eyes as her mouth became a big O.
She then panted Yes, just like that.
Dont stop.

She repeated that refrain for several moments until it was just a whisper Penis orgasm in vagina
As J withdrew from her, L relaxed and slumped to the bed.
I covered her with a sheet as J removed his condom and wiped himself down.

As we left the room, I said L, please take your time getting up and getting dressed.
Youre welcome to stay as long as you like.
L smiled at us and said Thank you; I dont want this to be over just yet.
I came here this morning with pain and I will leave feeling like a new woman.

In more ways than one.
I had been waiting to talk with Kevin all morning, but he always seemed to be on a conference call or talking Angel_titsnic xxx sex free online videos to a Tube hidden spycam video interracial business associate.
At first I was delighted when he decided to move his office into our house last year.

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