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How do you like that, slut? How do you like that taste of your ass on my cock? he taunted her Paranormal dating.
He gave a few regular strokes then, to challenge her further, he shoved deep down her throat as far as he could go until her nose was pressed against his abdomen.

Mark held her there for a few moments until her struggles told him she needed air.
He pulled back out and she gasped a fast breath.
He shoved back Jewishsinglesonlinedating com down her throat again, holding it once more until she needed a breath.

Five or six more times he repeated this until she could take him in more comfortably Panties only erotic photos
He reached down to feel his cock moving in her throat and smiled.
He would teach her how to suck his cock.

He would teach her many things.
But for now, the mornings activities was beginning to get to him and he felt his balls boiling.
He needed to cum himself and he knew just how he was going to do it.
Im going to cum now, slut.
I am going to cum down that pretty throat.

Open that mouth and get ready for it.
he said pulling his cock out.
Traci did as he ordered holding her head up and mouth open, her tongue sticking out flat waiting for her reward.

Mark gave a few last tugs on his cock and with a growl that came from his balls as well he shot the first ropes of cum into her open mouth.

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Jack me off til i come.