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Someone threw in a power and the blaze flared up.
Drums sounded faintly.
Sherri was lifted by two black men holding her legs.

Two more held her arms.
She was carried and placed on a roughhewn log-altar.
Someone spread her legs.
Someone else positioned himself between her legs.

Sherri felt a sensual fire rising inside her body.
Large lips covered her mouth.
Her mouth was on fire.
She felt a yearning for fulfillment.
She felt her body tremble.
A sensation went through her body like a bolt.
She jumped.

A hot, wet phallus touched her womanhood and moved up and down over her clitoris Employment the brown bunny blow job.
Oh! Master! Please make love to me! she whispered Free sex chat with telugu
She wanted to scream, but she lacked the strength.
Her entire universe was concentrated on her clitoris.

The room began swirling around, faster and faster.
Another orgasm began in her clitoris and spread out over her illustrated body.
Sherri gasped for a breath of air.
She felt like a weight was on her chest prevent her from screaming.
She managed only a faint scream of ecstasy.

Then one after another she became the sacrifice.
Her bodily orifices were used again and again for pleasure.
Her universe was invaded, captured, and used.

She clung onto a continuous orgasm.
She felt like she was out of body watching herself holding onto the edge of a grand canyon.
Deep Misszorro live chat xx below was the abyss of total pleasure.
Above was what she no longer wished to be.

Her being was telling her to let go! She fainted.
When she regained consciousness, she was nude and lying stretched out on a dais, high above the floor.

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Japanise pantyhose girls.