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Japna balloon fetish.

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Joan was beside herself with wanton lust, grunting and groaning.
She reached out and put a finger in the gauchos ass.
He stuck a finger in Joans ass and kept pushing deeply into her.

He pushed in hard and his pubic bone ground into Joan.

The room smelled of Joan and the dancers cunt and the gauchos sweat.
The dancer came over to me and started stroking my cock.
I started finger fucking her.

She was very wet.
I put her on the bed beside Joan.
She reached down and put my cock in her.
Her cunt was tight, warm and wet.
I glided smoothly into her.

She felt like a velvet glove holding my prick Butt twerking lick penis and pissing
I moaned.
Joan looked over and mumbled, Fuck her dick, fuck her, fuuuck.

We were all on overload.
We had been fucking for what seemed hours.
I felt a sensation in my balls.
I pulled out and stroked myself.

I shot cum on all three of them.
The dancer fingered herself to an explosive orgasm.
The gaucho pulled his prick out of Joan and came on all of us.
Joan went into spasms and screamed.
Ahhh, cum, cum, Femdom spanking videos for sale cum, fuuuck.
The room was silent for a moment.

I went to Joan and pulled her sticky body to me as her orgasm rumbled through her.
Everyone was smiling.
The gaucho and dancer kissed, then dressed and left Joan and I in the room.

We cleaned ourselves up and went out the back door of the cantina and walked home.
I had never been good at math, but a certain number kept Exchange pussy xxx woman adult mature running through my head.

I was finally a legal adult! Had been for three days and four hours!

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Japna balloon fetish.