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Her teeth were biting hard on my finger now, and her body started to quiver.
I rubbed her clit harder, as her body writhed on the bed.
She suddenly wrapped her arms around me, and dug her nails into my back.

She was starting to come, and I stopped rubbing her clit Baixar filme porno and just held her as close as I could.
Her legs were high and pushed far back, and I could not believe how deep I was inside her bottom.
It was all too much, and I came with her.

We kissed and cuddled up close, and fell asleep without saying a word.
We had a big bath and I made her breakfast earlier this morning.
And you know the best part? She wants to see me Rate my dick in pussy again!

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Id be an idiot not to, so she is coming over on Sunday afternoon – who knows what may happen.
The ship were on is lightly rocking; I can feel it waving over the water.
Weve been on holiday for six days, and I cant wait to see where the rest of it goes.

I can feel the warm rays of light dance across my skin; Im barely covered by my sheet.
The touch of my naughty man is what I feel next.
Hes waking me up the best possible way.

His warm lips kissing along my inner thigh, feeling him work up closer to my pussy.
I purr out softly… You know, it was just a few hours ago, you were in the same spot.
Did you ever leave? No, never, I cant get enough, problem?

Surely not, I love a nice wake-up call….
I feel him adjust me just right, how he wants me.

He pushes my legs up, my feet flat on the bed, opening them.

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