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Kates playground orgasm video.

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My arse hole felt like it was pushing out to his finger and I wished I could see it.
Tomorrow Im going to look at his I thought, the visions spurring me on to my orgasm.
I pushed my arse harder to his hand as I rocked my cunt around in his mouth.

His finger was getting rougher on it and I pushed harder.
He responded by pressing harder and suddenly his finger tip was in my arse.
Oh, another full feeling; slightly burning but good.
I humped against it and came quickly under his mouth.

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My arse canal was contracting in time with my cunt walls and I could feel it gripping his finger.
So filthy and sexy; I felt that I could do anything.
I had never even put my own Sex with karlen game finger into my arse and here I had made someone do it to me.
He lifted his mouth from me after my spasms stopped.

I opened my eyes and looked down at him.
What I saw was a vision I will never forget.
His face between my open legs; my cunt red and open and a hand with a finger sticking out of Looking for sex woodward my arse.

I felt good; strong, beautiful, sexy, slutty, horny and powerful.
My body was good to me and I was going to repay it with pleasure.
Part 5 to follow.

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Kates playground orgasm video.