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She reached over and gently massaged the crotch of his pants.
She knew, after the conversation just minutes earlier that she would have to take control for the time being.
Too distracting? she purred as she unzipped him.

Don was slightly hard already and she could feel him begin to swell even more.
But before he could give her an answer, she had his growing cock out of his underwear and was stroking him to hardness.

Why dont you take the … uh … longer way back to my hotel, she whispered in his ear as she continued to play with the erection between his legs.
Andee adjusted herself so that she was now pretty much crouching on the passenger seat.

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Any transport driver passing would have been able to see a nice upskirt image of Andees firm ass and tiny black panties through the side window.
I guess its been a while, Don.

Then without waiting for an Nudist contest blogspot answer, she dropped her head to his lap and slithered her moist tongue around the shaft of his dick just below the swollen crown.
She parted her lips and took a few inches of him into her mouth.
Dons cock felt very hot on her tongue.

She had been amazed by his size the first time she had seen him, and was finally Girl shovein objecs in her vagina getting to test her oral talents on something so large.
A bit of precum escaped from him, giving her a slight salty taste on her tongue as she bobbed up and down the hard rod.

Fuck that feels good, he said as she worked her magic on him.
Don tried to keep focused on the road as he sped towards the hotel.

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Kisahuiska free sex chat for ipad.