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Most girls I know, if theyve enjoyed a date, give the man a kiss goodnight? Anne tilted her head back further, the glint in her eyes turning to a heated sparkle.
The smile on her face became a grin and she leaned in very close while closing her eyes and offering up her soft plump pink lips.

God she Threesome with my brother looked so angelic and beautiful.
I moved my lips forward to meet Annes.
We kissed in a soft, gentle kiss.

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I could just taste a hint of Annes strawberry lip-gloss.
I pulled back and let the kiss end.
Anne didnt move and kept her eyes closed.
Anne clearly wasnt going to Vieux prof be satisfied with one short soft kiss and neither was I.

I used my arm to pull Annes body firmly into mine and kissed her again, but with more passion.
This time my tongue gently probed and Anne tentatively opened her lips to allow me in.
My tongue penetrated, probing deeper and found hers.

Our tongues playfully touched and the kiss became passion, became lust, as the sensations overwhelmed us.

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