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Many of these pillow time talks occur as you open the vault to the deepest parts of you, the parts only love can uncover from hiding.
Your heart a sponge absorbing every detail.
I love the faraway look of another time as one tells you of loves gone but never forgotten.

I love the way people drift to a different place when they are touched by the song playing.
The look in peoples eyes as they revisit a memory.
I fall in love with random people and their genuinely honest moments all the time.

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I fall in love in the midst of their breakdowns and tear smeared once perfect makeup.
I love when friend share Rntkharlequinn video sex canada their most Dating buzz words private daydreams only a best friend would be privy to.
I love that God gave me the ultimate chance to learn the difference in living and being alive.

This allowed me to live in the moment and be fully aware that even the smallest moments count, such as love seen in the promises of a new sunrise.
I love the way your heart knows long before your brain does which choice is right for you.
Even when it is not the easiest choice to make.

I love do overs and fresh starts because no matter where we make a wrong turn, life hands us yet another second chance.

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Koshechkamr chatabute.