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Lets come inside, sweety, and Ill show you around, Ray said, as he took one hand and turned her toward the front door.
He opened the door and guided her inside, one hand on her sexy exposed hip, and his eyes focused just below his hand, on the very hot ass encased in the tight jeans.

And Ray couldnt help noticing, the wide tattoo across her lower back, what he would refer to as a tramp stamp.
It consisted of the stylized words hot stuff with a wing extending out on each side of the words.
When did you get the tattoo there, babe? Ray asked as they got inside.

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I just got it two weeks ago, with some of my elf money, replied Abby.
Do you like it? And with the question, she gave her ass a little wiggle, as if he was not already staring at it.
Yeah, its hot, Abby.
I like the Teri starr gangbang girl little tramp stamp on my girl! Tramp stamp sounds so dirty!

I guess it makes me a dirty girl, huh? asked Abby Asiansimple usa sexy girs fuck videa chatt.
No, thats not what makes you a dirty girl, said Ray.
Letting a dirty old man rip your top off, and suck on your little teen tits makes you a dirty girl.

And as he spoke, he pulled the string of her halter, swiftly lifted the little top over her head, and bent down to suck each of her firm titties into his hungry mouth, his rough stubble against the smooth skin of Abbys white skin.

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