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Mom went into the bathroom to get cleaned up, while Dad waited in the bedroom for Animated brunette women rpe gifs her to finish.
She turned on the shower and waited for the water to get hot.

After about five minutes, when Dad saw that the coast was clear, he pulled the blond woman from the closet and was Aonic hentai mina about to escort her down the stairs.
Just as they were about to make their escape, the bathroom door opened.

Mom had forgotten her towel so she was heading to the hall closet to retrieve one, but now she was standing face to face with the woman Dad had given his dick to the night before Love eating pussy you will cum
Who the fuck are you? mom asked.
The woman replied that she didnt want any trouble.

Were you fucking my husband in my house, Mom asked, knowing she knew the answer.
Yes, but I did not know that he was married maam, the woman replied.
My momma must have seen red because the next thing I knew, she hauled off and punched the woman square in the face.

Dad tried to break up the fight, but Mom and the woman were pulling each others hair, and kicking and punching.

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