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I nibbled on Annes cute ears and let my warm breath tease the soft sensitive skin of her slender neck.
I could hear soft delicate moans escaping from her throat as my teasing had its effect.

My hands lightly played across the bare skin at her midriff and I gently coursed my Blond big tit milf fingers over her thighs teasing the sensitive skin of her inner thighs.
Anne in turn moved her hand lightly on my inner thigh, moving it closer and closer to my hard bulge.

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I let one hand slide over Annes left breast as I moved it to caress her neck.
I was testing to see how far Anne would let me go and if she would pull back, or push me away.
Instead of pulling away, Annes own hand became more forward and moved hesitantly to feel my bulge.

She slowly moved her hand over the hard rod and rubbed me lightly through my pants.
My god, she might be Asian public tube feeling tingly, but so was I at this point.
My cock engorged further, throbbing with blood and reached its full length of over eight inches.

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Looking for swingers uk friendships.