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That was the only logical explanation! I was so turned on that my cock was already straining the fabric of my own underwear.
I peeled off my boxers and wrapped the thong over my face.
My dick was already throbbing.

I laid back and started slowly stroking myself.

I wanted to make this last so I was in no hurry.
Suddenly, a stream of light from the hallway appeared as my door opened by a fraction of an inch.
As quickly as I could, I pulled the covers over myself and snatched the thong away from my face.

I pretended to be sleeping but I was all too aware that someone was outside my room.
I opened one eye, hoping to god that Jonah had not caught me jacking off with his moms panties stretched over my face Sienna west mom
What I saw shocked me.

Janice was quietly pushing the door open and entering the room. Lori beth denberg tit size
She was wearing a short black night gown that I was a little surprised she would wear in front of me.
Matt? She whispered.

Um, hey, yeah, whats up, Janice? I said, trying to play it cool, like I was half asleep but we both knew I was bullshitting.
What are you doing? She asked.
just about to fall asleep.
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Did you need something?

I replied.
Yes, actually I do.
Did you happen to find anything of mine in here?

I think I may have left something earlier
My heart nearly stopped.
Her tone indicated that it was no accident.
She kept coming closer until she was right next to the bed.

Oh here it is.
She said as she pulled the covers back a few inches and found the black thong laying next to me.

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Lost strip or naked or boxer or underwear.