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My lips too! I open his towel, and to my surprised he is already rock hard for me.
I wrap my mouth around the head of his cock, the warmth of his skin to the contrast to my cold lips even made me shiver.

He tensed, and growled an approval.
He likes where this is going.
My mouth is slowly working down his shaft, allowing the cold of my tongue to coat his cock Hot old chats no sign up.

He groans the entire way, loving the mix of the steam, to the cold.
I give him all he wants, working him deeply.
I can feel my mouth growing warm far too quickly.

I take my drink, sliding the straw into my mouth, letting it sit against his shaft, I sip Transvestite beauty pagents
The liquid hitting both my mouth and his cock, I can feel him physically shaking.
I dont swallow though, I start sucking him with the cold liquid in my mouth, letting it tease him.

I force myself to take every last inch of his cock, he moans out.
Were so wrapped in what were doing that we dont hear another couple come in.
They dont turn and leave, like one would think.

They sit a bit away, and watch what were doing.
They say nothing, just observe.
We dont notice even still, Tonys eyes closed, his fingers in my hair.

I suck him until the liquid is warm, swallowing it even with his College pussy exposed cock in my throat.
I swallow it, just like I would if it was his hot seed.
His can feel my throat squeezing him a bit tighter when I do.
I repeat the process and refill my mouth with cold once more.
I swirl my tongue around him.

He tastes like himself, a bit of banana and watermelon.

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Lovedbabe animal sex 4u live.