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she asked hopefully.
Yeah, lets go, he said.
Rodney stood up and watched as Allyssa rose and walked over to the bar to pay her tab.

When he saw she was ready to go, he walked out the door, not holding it for her.

Just as he started to go for the door, it opened and two other guys who were busy talking started to come in.
Rodney shoved them out of the way and when one of them complained, Rodney drew back as if to knock his head off his shoulders.

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Allyssa knew he Thank god for jokes broadway was in a vile mood and she smiled
he was going to be fun tonight! They walked to the car, him walking fast and making her try to keep up as best she could having had a few too many drinks and wearing her high heels to boot.

When they got to her house, Allyssa unlocked and opened the door, closing it again after they were both inside.
Neither of them had said a word since leaving the bar.
She took him by Swinging in preston the hand and walked him into the living room and seated him on the sofa.

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