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Besides, none of the partners wives work.
I wont know until I try, I replied, resolutely.
Maybe we could just have another child? He offered.

I dont think that would happen, I muttered, lowly under my breath.

Why not? Youre only thirty-two.
Not because of my age but because
that means that we would… you know… actually have sex.
Come on! Youre exaggerating.
We make love a lot.
Oh, is that right?

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This will taper off soon, after I build my account portfolio.
I stood up and walked out leaving him to ponder about my employment proposal and our love-life—or lack of it.

For the longest time I was worried that his diminished sexual desire was about me.
Then, I realized it wasnt me but his mistress.
Oh, not another woman.
I could deal with that.

His mistress is more formable than any 52636245 mallu chat lover.
His mistress is this business: feeding his ego in ways I could never do.
His lust for power and wealth supersedes any physical desires.

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Kevin is still the best looking man Ive ever met.
People thought us a perfect match.
We use to have a vigorous sex life, but that began to wane after our second child was born.

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