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When I felt she was wet enough I slid my finger inside her pussy and began to finger her.
Gwen reached down to stop me but I grabbed her hand with my other hand and pinned it over her head.
Her eyes got wide, whether in fear or excitement, I didnt care.

I continued to finger her increasingly wet pussy and she soon realized it was going to happen tonight.
She stopped squirming on the bed and let her legs fall open so I would have better access.
I stared her in the eyes as I fingered her, not saying a word as she began to moan.

When I felt she was wet enough for me to fuck her I slid my hand out of her cunt, Malayslansexdating com causing her to let out a small whine of disappointment Xhamster milf heel
I grabbed hold of her hips and violently flipped her onto her stomach, and then pulled her back so she was on her hands and knees.

I moved behind her and lifted the flimsy nightgown so her ass was in view.
Gwen looked over her shoulder at me, and when she saw the look in my eyes she knew she would not be able to stop me – and I knew she didnt want to.
Do it, John, put it in and fuck me.

I ran the head of my cock up and down her lips to coat it with her juices and then I lined it up to her pussy and looked at her.
The only woman I loved, the woman who I had children with who I would do anything for, and she had cheated on me and now I was going to fuck her.
I slid forward forcing my cock to enter her wet Sweetpeach rusiansex downlods com pussy and once it was all the way inside her I held it there for a second, not knowing what I was waiting for and then Gwen said.

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Matarazzo dating.