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Missionary pov.

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A bulky wedge shoe blocked most of the road as it crossed my field of view.
I turned to see Ally spreading her legs.
The metallic hot pants were on the seat beneath her.

I need space, she said, lowering her leg into my lap.
The large dildo vanished inside her pussy.
Ally pushed it in until she could sit on it before leaning back with her eyes closed.
Ah, much better, she declared.

We drove on, Ally with her eyes closed and head back, one finger gently rubbing her clit, and me trying desperately to stay on the road Lexi aaane pov
I kept one hand on her leg at all times.
Her silky smooth skin felt as good as it looked.

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When there were no cars near us on the road, I lifted her leg to kiss her and could not resist sliding my tongue several inches along her gorgeous leg.
Slut, I said, softly Are morgue and asia ray dating.
Ally turned her head to look at me.

Just enjoying your company, thats all.
Ally put her leg down on the floor and leaned closer.
Call me a slut again and Ill suck your dick right now.

It could be dangerous letting her suck my dick while I drive, but I am a guy.
Looking into her deep blue eyes, I tried to sound like a snob with disdain for girls like her, Slut!

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Missionary pov.