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I spray shaving cream all over my pussy.
I take the razor and shave the hair that has recently grown.
There really isnt much; this is just a touch up job.

The process takes just a few minutes as I move the razor carefully up and down my pussy.

I wipe off the shaving cream, admire my pussy in the mirror and stand up to put away my shaving kit.
My pussy is back to being bald and smooth again.
I walk back to the towel and sit down, spreading my legs in front of the mirror.
I turn on my wand and, at low speed, rub it all over my pussy.

The sensations are amazing on my freshly shaved cunt.
My pussy is pulsating while I rub it up and down my pink folds Pissing and squirting lesbians
Im enjoying myself, but need something inside of my pussy now.

I grab my Icicle vibrator.
I put the head Dating group team into my mouth to get the tip wet and then slide it through my pussy flower.
I love how good it feels when I get it up inside my pussy.
I grab the wand and lay it right on my clit and start to fuck myself.

My pussy is so wet already and I push the toy deeper and deeper inside.
The strong vibrations on my clitoris make me scream with delight.
The ridges on my vibrator make for interesting sensations.
Fuck, I gasp.
My pussy is making squelching noises.

I continue to fuck myself over and over again.
My pussy is exploding with my hot juices.
I pull the vibrator out of my cunt and lay the wand over my fucked hole.

My juices are spilling out and the towel Tits gf is soaking wet.
However, Im still horny and continue to play with my toys.

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