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Just because you are married doesnt mean you cant be turned on by someone else.
Beth leans her elbows on the counter pressing her ass into his probing hand.
Rex nuzzles the back of her neck.

Brads wife lets out a low moan.
They stay in that position for a few minutes with Rex caressing the globes of her ass and pressing his cock into her hip telling her how hot she makes him feel.
She Chat sexe in ottawa stands up with her back against the counter facing him.

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She moans against his touch.
Ive been wanting to do this since I was at your party.
At the club, I liked how stiff your nipples were.
I know.
I Couple swap porn movies deliberately opened my jacket to show you my tits.

I told your husband I was going to feel you? What did he say? He said he didnt mind.
She groans, If he doesnt mind I dont.
Keep feeling me.
Beth knows she should stop but Rexs attention is turning her on.

She feels a tingle in her pussy thinking about someone coming upstairs and seeing her like this.
What if a neighbor saw her acting like a wanton slut instead of a proper wife? Wetness is seeping from her swollen labia.

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