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Ted finally tensed up and shot his big load of cum into Lauras pussy, and he held himself fully in her as he emptied his balls.
Laura then spread her thighs a little more as Ted pulled his cock from her pussy, and I took his nasty cock into my mouth to suck it and clean off their juices.

Then, Laura tilted her hips back, so I could place my mouth on her cum-filled pussy.
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That was Teds second ejaculation within a nine-hour period, but he still produced enough semen to fill my mouth.

We stayed in the snow cave and ate some breakfast, and Ted continued to fondle Lauras breasts as we moved about the cave.
Ted just loved watching Lauras big tits move in her top, and just couldnt seem to keep his hands off her.

It was about noon when we heard the storm subside, so we thought it was time to activate the emergency beacon to summon help.
It was three hours later when we heard the helicopter circling near our snow Needing an granny amateurs swinger fuck cave, so we went outside and signaled the rescue team with our emergency flare.

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