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I was going to disappoint the both of them today.
I pulled my hands away and backed myself out of reach of Natalies grasping hands.
Wait… Thats enough for today.

We should get you back before the game ends and your husband wonders where you are.

Confusion played across her eyes as I helped her sit up and gather her clothes.
She wasnt sure if she was happy or sad that I had stopped when I did, her emotions and conscience still at war.
Kate also looked both confused and disappointed that I didnt continue, as she wanted me to.

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Again, I helped the ladies into the car.
This time, when Natalie took my hand, she stopped for a moment, stared at me for a few seconds then gave me a gentle, lingering kiss.
Just what I was hoping for.
Wanted to leave a tip, she said nervously and gave a shy smile.

Shes made her decision then.
Dons hosting the Super Bowl party next week, Natalie said, Literotica suck milf tits unbuckling and getting out of the car after we pull into her driveway.
You two be sure to come.
Dont worry, well be there, I reply, and she shyly smiled at me again before turning to go inside.

I dont understand, Kate said as she climbed into the front seat from the back.

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Norton products suck.