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It wasnt heated, but the water was lovely and refreshing under the hot sun.
After floating about for awhile, I climbed out and laid face down on one of the loungers by the pool.
Feeling the sun dry my backside off was wonderful.

I turned over on to my back, covered over Size 13 wide womens shoe transvestite my mid section with a towel and drifted off to sleep.
I awoke to Jimmy calling me from inside the cottage.
Baby, Im back! he yelled out.
Im out by the pool, I called back.

Is Jamie with you? No, he is getting Candace, he responded.
With that I answer I didnt worry about putting my top and shorts back on, but I still had the towel covering all the important parts.

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Not that it really mattered, I suppose, because Jamie and Candace had both seen me naked a couple of times now.
I have something for you, Jimmy said as he walked out the door over to me.
What is it? I asked inquisitively.

Keep your eyes closed
its a surprise! He responded.
Keeping them shut Porno cams tightly, Jimmy came over to me.
I think he sat on the lounger beside me.
He put his hand behind my head and lifted it up slightly.
He put something over my head.
What is this?

I wanted to know.
Its a mask, he told me.
Like a blind fold but with an elastic strap to hold it in place.
I said with uncertainty.
Just relax! he whispered in my ear.
I could hear some movement behind me but I couldnt see a thing.

Everything was pitch black with the blindfold on.
I felt two hands starting to massage my shoulders from behind the lounger.

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