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More what? Give me details, baby! Bring those stories into our bed.
What? Oh shit… What do you mean, what? You told me to bring those stories into our bed.
I did?

What did you mean? Nothing.
I had Asian teen naked ass to back-pedal fast.
I just meant that if you have ideas for stuff we should try, you should tell me.
You know, like a story, or a fantasy.
Tell me what you want.
Please dont stop now!

I started kissing her body again, hoping like hell to distract her back into the moment.
I understand.
Fuck, that was close Dayton ohio orgy
I had no idea if she actually bought my bumbling explanation.
I sure hoped I sounded convincing.

Youre ok with that? I mean, youre not turned off by me taking control like this? My relief came out of me in a breathless chuckle.
No Babe, I dont mind.
In fact, I like it a lot.

I could feel her smile run all over her body.
This was definitely behavior I wanted to encourage.
Throw something my way and Euro twink thumbs I will run with it.

That got another moan from her…then a responding one from me.
Ok, her pause was heavy with her thoughts and my anticipation.
I want you to kiss me on my ass and then eat me out from behind.

She buried her face in the pillow she was lying on and, fuck yeah, I just about sailed across the room from the kick that my rock hard dick gave.

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