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Liam had eventually pulled down his shorts and Christies jogging trousers.
He held both of their large penises together and stroked them slowly.
Eventually, Christie See thru tgp had used her large, firm breasts to masturbate Liam.

Her penis stood erect the entire time as she bobbed up and down, holding Liams hard cock firmly between her breasts.
When Liam came, he spurted so hard his cum nearly hit the roof.
It flew up and fell back down on his shoulder.

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She spread his legs apart and penetrated his anus facing him.

They held each other tightly, enveloped in each others arms, holding eye contact as they slowly made love, with Christies thick cock invading Liams bottom with slow, sure thrusts until finally she came.
She didnt change rhythm, she kept thrusting slowly and closed her eyes tightly and gasped as her cock erupted with her huge load.

Liam whimpered and softly bit Christies neck as, for the second time in his life, he felt a penis ejaculate inside his anus.
They slept together on the sofa that night cuddling.
Liam was awoken in the morning by Christie giving him a blowjob.

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