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Quickly changing out of her office clothing, she grabbed a pair of jeans and a tee shirt, and threw them on.
A pair of black Maryjane flats completed her outfit.
She took a lipstick from her purse, and quickly touched up Busty milf big cock her lips, as she passed the hall mirror, and then she was out the door Dating site with girls.

It was a cool day, for mid August, and she had a spring in her step as she rounded the corner heading toward the little shopping area.
Presently, she reached the door of the shop, and went in.
A bell tinkled over the door as she opened it, and again, as she pushed it closed behind herself.

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Standing for a moment, to allow her eyes to adjust to the dim lighting indoors, she was struck by the smell of sandalwood, mingled with the musty smell of old things, and a closed building.
May I help you?

She was startled to hear a high, thin voice, and turned to her right to see a thin, little man, maybe 54tall, dressed entirely in ecru linen.
It was an odd cut; oriental, she thought at first, but then realized it was a traditional Indian garb.

Well, I saw last week that you had opened a store, and just thought Id just stop in and see what it was all about.
: You are here because you need something, was the reply.

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