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Is it safe? Is lying naked in a dark woodland clearing, while half-a-dozen guys jerk spunk over your body safe? Who knows, babe, but lets give it a try shall we?

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So it was that the two nubile 18-year-olds, dressed only in miniskirts and T-shirts, cycled into the depths of the woodland area which encircled their small township.

Melanie was the first to spot the glimmer of the head-mounted torches worn by a group of hunky college football players.
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Hey guys, weve got visitors! came a call.

As they drew their cycles to a halt, Melanie and Clare were quickly surrounded by eight naked hunks.
Muscular hunks, with huge semi-erect penises hanging between their thighs.
Even before they had dismounted, appreciative hands were stroking the girls legs and breasts.

Welcome to Randles Wood bukakke, ladies, called the leader of the group.
Are you here for some fun? We certainly are, said Clare, swinging her leg over the bikes saddle Xhampster teen has sex in public to reveal to all she wasnt wearing knickers.

Cum fun? asked another of the group.
You bet! bring it on, guys, said Melanie ethusiastically, as she peeled off her T-shirt, to reveal her small pert breasts.

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