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Do you want another drink? she asked.
Yeah, he said, curtly.
Allyssa got the bottle of her husbands Scotch from the bar and poured him a large glassful.

She handed it to him and then cuddled up next to him patting his crotch.

I hope this is going to be nice and hard for me tonight.
I have been thinking of your big black cock all day, baby.
He pushed her away roughly as he downed his drink Live female adult chat
Ill tell ya when, bitch.
Right now I gotta piss, he said, heading for the bathroom.

He was gone for a couple minutes and Allyssa was sitting on the sofa when he came back.
He walked up to her grabbing her by the upper arm.
Lets go, bitch.
Its fuckin time! he said, half-dragging her down Annawhite free mobile adult cam chat the hallway to the bedroom.

When they got into the bedroom, he shoved her into the room and over to the bed.
He came over and stood beside the bed as Allyssa began undressing him.
This was the way it was with the two of them.

He didnt care about her feelings Ftv girls brunette or being gentle with her.

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Orgasm of her life.