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Half of the crowd was cheering and loving it while the other half was calling out that the woman cheated.
Amid the cheers and jeer, the judge took the chair and left the stage.
Left alone on the stage with Black ladies africans fine naked pic the other woman, Barb knew exactly how to end the song.

She smiled inwardly at the idea of getting her whole self in as she set up the final pole stunt.
It had been a long time since she had done this trick, but she was too full of energy to care.
The other woman was looking to Barb to see how she would respond to the pole stunt she had done.

Barb quickly took the other womans hands and danced her over to the pole Nude women giving blowjobs
With a gentle nudge, the other woman allowed Barb to push her into a sitting position at the base of the pole.
Barb grabbed the pole and jumped.

As she spun past the pole, she shot her legs up high overhead and caught the pole with her knees.
She stopped the spin right where she wanted, and then prepared for the hard part.
She arched her back into a graceful pose as she held herself inverted, locked in place by her leg strength alone.

Then, with precise control, she let herself slide face first down the pole toward the other woman.
She came down just to the side of the woman, but planted her hands on the floor on either side of the womans legs.

As her hands caught her weight, her legs released the pole, Sex a sane chandler and she ended up in a hand stand, with one foot on the pole.
Using muscles she hadnt used in years, she lowered her head down into the womans crotch.

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