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I swear I could feel his cum spurting out in my ass, and I came, splattering cum onto his stomach and then on mine .
It was the best time Id ever cum.
When all the cum had oozed out of our cocks he pulled his free of my ass and slowly got up and off the bed.

He said, I probably should shower again.
But he sat back down Sunnysmileav free live house cams on the edge of the bed and talked to me, finding out how I felt now that I had cum and it was all over.
He wanted to know if I had any regrets and if I was okay with the whole concept.

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I not only was, but I was more than pleased he was concerned about me.
I assured him I was not only fine, but elated, and I thanked him for feeling me out and understanding, for opening my eyes and showing me how good sex could be.

Friday nights have become pretty much our sex night, but every once in a while, at other times, one or Mature slave handjob cock and interracial the other of us will get the urge, and well do it.
We have a running joke.
Like that first time, hell ask, Blake, are you ready? Or, Ill say, Hunter, Im ready.

And, hell say, I bet you are.
I like doing it the way he does, sitting on his heels with my legs around his waist, partly just because he likes it that way, so thats the way we do it.

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