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It was a typical interior of British Columbia summer day – blue, cloudless skies with scorching heat that had produced the regions hundreds of orchards and vineyards.
The temperature was expected to peak in the upper thirties.

On occasion, like forecasted for that evening, there was a chance of an evening thunderstorm.
It would pleasantly cool things for sleeping and provide the lush forest around them with much needed moisture.
Their next day would start again the same way.

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While on the boat, Daniel couldnt keep his eyes off Busty latina takes giant cock of Tessa.
Her bikini wasnt as revealing as another theyd recently witnessed, but he knew everything inside Tessas was his for the taking.

And every chance she had, she sent him a flirtatious wink, wiggle, or smile, especially when pulling her dripping self into the boat after a cooling dip in the lake.
Tessa knew exactly what she was doing, and Daniel loved the foreplay.

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Somehow, someway, he vowed to cash in those sexually-charged chits later that night.
Gina had packed them a lunch and snacks, and a few of the regions favorite beverages.
Not too many that theyd get drunk, but enough to quench a college students thirst.

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