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When she finally caught her breath, Tranny thays schiavinato nude Denise asked, Did you come? I think.
A little, he answered, not exactly sure what had happened.
Her walls clamped down again, driven by an aftershock of her orgasm.

Her eyebrows twitched up, and she looked into his eyes.
Youre still hard.

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Yeah, I think so.
Denise took three fast, deep breaths, and then lurched off of his cock as she sucked air into her lungs a fourth time.
She yelped from the heat of him sliding free of her, and then rolled over onto her back.
After a swallow and another deep breath, she said, Fuck me.

Come for me.
She parted her legs wide, pulling her knees up toward her chest as Bikini white lick cock on beach Sam sat up.

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